seascapeR 0.3.3

Added del_cache (default: False) argument to get_ss_grds(), since an updated ERDDAP dataset first requires removal of any caches (via rerddap::cache_delete_all(force = T)).

seascapeR 0.3.2

Added ss_vars for Seascape variable descriptions.

seascapeR 0.3.1

Added argument n_bins to plot_ss_class_var() for option of producing binned histogram versus density histogram curve.

seascapeR 0.3.0

Added Seascape class information with dataset ss_gl_classes and functions plot_ss_class_var() and plot_ss_class_var_svg() used by tbl_ss_class()

seascapeR 0.2.3

Changed sum_ss_grds_to_ts() to recalculate if not all dates in grds found in ts_csv.

seascapeR 0.2.2

  • Added get_ss_dates_all() to get a list of all dates between date_beg and date_end based on availability of SeaScape dataset (via get_ss_info()).

  • Modified get_ss_grds() to fetch missing rasters from ERDDAP that are not found in dir_tif cache.

seascapeR 0.2.1

  • Added nms sanctuary lookup and improved URL handling for them in get_url_ply().

seascapeR 0.2.0

seascapeR 0.1.1

  • Added plot_seascape_ts() for time series plot of raster stack.

seascapeR 0.1.0

  • Created initial set of functions from @eqmh R script.