Plor Seascape as an interactive stacked and filled time series plot.

plot_ss_ts(tbl, sum_var = "pct_cells", fillAlpha = 0.8, show_legend = "follow")



table in same format as output by sum_ss_grds_to_ts.


column name of summary variable to display; one of percent ("pct_cells"; default) or number of cells ("n_cells").


When to display the legend. Specify "follow" (default) to have the legend show as overlay to the chart which follows the mouse. Specify "always" to always show the legend. Specify "onmouseover" to only display it when a user mouses over the chart. The "auto" option results in "always" when more than one series is plotted and "onmouseover" when only a single series is plotted.


dygraph interactive plot


# prep input table of time series data ply <- get_url_ply("mbnms") ss_i <- get_ss_info("global_8day") grds <- get_ss_grds(ss_i, ply, date_beg = "2020-09-01") tbl <- sum_ss_grds_to_ts(grds) plot_ss_ts(tbl)