Chapter 1 Introduction

This document is a guide to using the Infographiq method for displaying data in a user-friendly way.

1.1 Infographiq: art + data

The Infographiq method uses a combination of Javascript and R to produce clickable art that acts as an interface for users to access scientific data. An illustration of the Infographiq method can be seen below.

Image of Infographiq approach

This guide details how to prepare:

  1. an Infographiq-ready image,
  2. the “modal windows” in which data is shown,
  3. the link table that connects the image with the modal windows,
  4. the relevant Javascript functions,
  5. a web page to embed an Infographiq-enabled image.

You can find a demonstration of Infographiq, showing many of the options available with the associated Javascript library, here.

1.2 Infographiq: responsive tables

Infographiq can also display data via a user-clickable table. In this demonstration table, click on any row to see the associated figure. More information on these responsive tables can be found elsewhere in this guide.