Sanctuary Ecosystem Trends


The goal of the sanctuary’s Ecosystem Trends tool is to display web-based, interactive data products characterizing the dynamic nature of sanctuary ecosystems. These user-friendly, online tools allow resource managers, scientists, educators, and the public to explore, discover, and summarize ecosystem trends at a sanctuary.

Select a sanctuary below to explore that sanctuary’s ecosystem. Navigate by clicking on icons representing major habitats, species of interest, major climate and ocean drivers, and key human activities. These interactive icons and silhouettes access status and trend data, images, web stories and other supporting content.


This tool is the product of on-going collaboration across NOAA’s Integrated Ecosystem Assessment Program, Integrated Ocean Observing System, including the Marine Biodiversity Observation Network, and Office of National Marine Sanctuaries.


Note: currently CINMS is the only sanctuary with a complete website, but some components working for other sites listed below

West Coast Region

Southeast Region

  • SanctSound: exploring underwater sounds across US national marine sanctuaries. Prototype database and web portal development [expected release date spring 2022]